Big Breakfast Events, Bellshill

May 30, 2022

For the team’s latest collaboration with local convenience stores, the Healthy Living Programme organised 2 ‘Big Breakfast’ events at St Gerard’s Primary School and Noble Primary School in Bellshill in collaboration with Baba Kitchen/Costcutter.

With our diverse range of events for schools getting back underway recently, the whole HLP team have been busy travelling to convenience stores across the nation, working closely with owners and staff to teach pupils about the importance of a healthier lifestyle. For the team’s latest collaboration with local convenience stores, HLP ran 2 ‘Big Breakfast’ events at St Gerard’s Primary School and Noble Primary School in Bellshill.

Across the two events, pupil turnout and participation were fantastic with over 450 pupils being fed a healthy breakfast to get the best possible start to their day, putting them in the best position possible for a productive day at school. With a great variety of choices including Weetabix & milk, toast & a banana as well as a wide range of fresh fruit, there were plenty of happy, smiling faces taking in the fun, and plenty of full healthy tummies going out the door - one child even proclaimed it was “the best day ever” as he looked forward to digging into toast and a banana every morning for breakfast.

A successful event and a job well done!

Of course, the incredible success of events like these wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team and the work they carry out in close collaboration with the many brilliant shop owners and staff in the stores that we visit. We want to say a huge thank you to the owner of Baba Kitchen/Costcutter Abdul Majid for providing the food and helping to host the event alongside the HLP team. This extends to the rest of the Costcutter team, Phil, Kevin and Pav for being on hand to lend support and make the pupil's mornings.

If you are a shop owner or symbol group and you have the facilities to take part in one of our events, make sure to get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you and are always looking out for more stores to get involved.

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