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The Healthcare Retail Standard (HRS) is a mandatory requirement for all stores and trolley services in NHS healthcare settings in Scotland. The HRS has been in place since 1st April, 2017 and should be viewed as an opportunity for retailers to encourage the nation to eat more healthily.

It makes sense that an institution which provides healthcare, should also provide healthier choices for people to consume, whether the customer is an NHS employee, patient or visitor.

This booklet provides the guidance for retailers to achieve that role.The Healthcare Retail Standard has been developed by the Scottish Government with support from NHS Health Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland, Food Standards Scotland and the Scottish Grocers’ Federation in order to create a set of criteria for implementation from 31 March, 2017.

The criteria have been established to ensure that a more relevant range is offered by retailers in NHS settings, in keeping with the health promoting health service vision that every healthcare contact is a health improvement opportunity.

This concept translates into a retail offering which contains more food and drink products which are healthier and fewer products which are not.

This guide will explain the HRS and help retailers understand what they have to do to be compliant.

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Help & Support

The SGF Healthy Living team has been given responsibility to assess retailers in terms of whether or not they are compliant with the requirements of the Healthcare Retail Standard.

The Healthy Living team of assessors have gained a great deal of experience on HRS since well before it’s introduction in March 2017. A member of the team will call on each outlet as and when it requires to be assessed.

However, if you need assistance quickly, please call the SGF Healthy Living Administrator. Your information will be passed to the appropriate person who will make contact as quickly as possible.

SGF Healthy Living Administrator 0131 343 7602

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