A Big Thank You to the Scottish Grocer & Convenience Retailer for Featuring The Healthy Living Programme!

February 14, 2024

HLP's Welby Big Breakfast events are featured on the Scottish Grocer & Convenience Retailer website. These events help educate children about healthy eating habits. Their article highlights the importance of starting the day right with a healthy breakfast. 

We at the Healthy Living Programme (HLP) are thrilled to see our Welby Big Breakfast events featured on the Scottish Grocer's website! This kind of exposure helps us reach more schools and communities, ultimately benefiting thousands of children across Scotland.

The recent article, "Educating youngsters about healthy breakfasts," perfectly captures the essence of our programme. We truly appreciate them for highlighting the importance of

Starting the day right: A healthy breakfast is crucial for children's concentration, learning, and overall well-being.

Community involvement: Collaborations with c-stores, wholesalers, and brands like Weetabix make these events impactful and engaging.

Educating and empowering: We go beyond just serving breakfast; we provide resources and activities to equip children with healthy eating habits.

We are especially grateful to:

Weetabix: Their generous support fuels our events and aligns perfectly with our commitment to healthy choices.

Greens of Shettleston: Participating c-stores like Greens show how local businesses can contribute to healthier communities.

Wellshot Primary School: Schools like Wellshot embrace the programme and understand its positive impact on students.

The Scottish Grocer's recognition motivates us to continue our journey of promoting healthy living and making a difference in young lives.

See their full article here

Together, we can ensure that every child starts their day with the energy and focus they need to thrive!

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