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The SGF Healthy Living team have four Development Managers who cover the whole of Scotland. They each travel around stores sharing their knowledge and experience of how to mechanise healthier products within convenience stores. We provide free point of sale and display stands to help promote and mechanise your healthier products.

If you are interested in getting a visit from one of our Development Managers please call 0131 343 7602 or contact us through Facebook/ Twitter.

See our range of point of sale items pictured (click to enlarge):

Point of Sale Stands

Many convenience store retailers are beginning to stock loose produce and use our stands to merchandise this offering. Selling loose has many benefits- reduces packaging, allows consumers on low incomes or living alone to purchase just one piece of produce and reduces waste. Siting our stands at the front of the store have seen the convenience retailer sales increase by up to 30%.


Take a closer look at what the Healthy Living Programme can provide for your store, from point of sale to events merchandise.

Symbol Groups

The programme now works with all the major symbol groups within the convenience sector and work closely with these groups to offer discounted prices on fresh produce and other healthier products as per the guidance from Food Standards Scotland. With the work that the programme leads on, the symbol groups encourage their retailers to have instore point of sale and stands provided free of charge by HLP. These stands and point of sale materials create an instore theatre of healthier products and help educate the consumer on purchasing the healthier choice. The strap line for the programme was recently changed to ‘love life, eat well’. This strap line creates a call to action for the consumer, to stop and make them think about their choice rather than them being told what they must purchase.

JW Filshill

“JW Filshill have seen the relationship with the Healthy Living Programme go from strength to strength in 2019-2020. As well as the continued support at store level with POS, stands and merchandising, we were first to launch the Welby Loyalty card scheme and Welby Breakfast Club as part of our collaborative approach. We trialled the fruit club loyalty scheme in a selection of stores and have since rolled it out to the wider estate. With responsible retailing high on our agenda we will continue to work with the Healthy Living Team and look forward to what’s in store for the coming year. “

Craig Brown, Regional Sales Director, JW Filshill

Margiotta Limited

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude in receiving the display stands for each of our seven stores, this has allowed ourselves to move our fruit category to the forefront of the stores, with the slimmer stands letting us make eye catching displays of fresh ripe fruit without having to over fill or over order to create a strong display.

This has resulted in sales of Bananas for the shops to increase from an average of 2,000 units a week to a peak of 5,000 units. We hope to achieve a similar level of increase this year with our seasonal local soft fruit season begins as again the stands allow us to showcase these products to their full potential.”

David Broadbent, Retail Operations Manager, Margiotta Limited

United Wholesale Scotland

“Over the past year we have continued to work closely with the Healthy Living Programme. We have arranged bespoke promotions for the retailers trialling the new style stands to encourage healthier choices. Maintaining a close relationship with the Healthy Living Team has allowed us to keep healthy living high on every retailer’s agenda.

Healthy Living programme has supported store launches with POS, stands and supplying staff to sample fruit in store to the customers. This is invaluable to our retailers in terms of support and placing them at the heart of the community.

The team at Healthy Living are a great resource and support UWS up and down the country. They are always willing to help wherever they can and facilitate events with community groups, schools and retailers”.

Fiona Nisbet, Sales Manager, Day Today United Wholesale Scotland


“Scotmid have been committed to the Healthy Living Programme right from the beginning, in fact I believe we were one of the first organisations to do so. We have always encouraged participation at store level with POS, stands and bespoke advertising. With increased awareness on healthier options in convenience stores we are more than happy to work with the Healthy Living Programme in highlighting these options to the consumer.

We look forward to working together in the future and promoting the wide range of fruit and vegetables on offer in all Scotmid stores”.

Kevin Plant, Head of Scotmid Food

Booker Wholesale

“Booker’s relationship with the Healthy Living Programme continues to develop and grow. Our business development team work in tandem with the development managers from Healthy Living to place our retailers at the heart of their local communities. We have invited local school pupils into stores and highlighted the healthier choices available to them. This emphasises our commitment to responsible retailing and the current health agenda. We look forward to what’s in store for the coming year”

Barry Forbes, Retail Development Controller, Booker Scotland

Greens Retail

“At Greens Retail we have always adopted a responsible retailing approach and the Healthy Living Programme has continued to help us to achieve this. We have worked in conjunction with the programme over several years to connect with our local community and place our stores at the centre.

With the launch of the redesigned stands we can site fruit at the till point and give our customers a healthier choice. We have in the past, invited local primary school pupils to our stores to highlight the wide range of healthier options and taken part in Big Breakfast events in school to deliver the healthy eating message. We look forward to plenty more in the future.”

Harris Aslam, Managing Director Greens Retail


“Once again it has been excellent to be involved with the Healthy Living Programme in our One Stop stores last year. We have found the Programme to be innovative and effective in communicating the healthier food options which are available to our customers.

We had school visits organised across a few of our stores with pupils from nursery classes to P7 engaging with the Healthy Living Programme team. In every case the professionalism, knowledge, and interaction of the team with the pupils was of the highest standard. The team made the store visits fun whilst at the same time getting the all-important healthy option message across.

The feedback from pupils and parents alike has been very positive and it is clear that the Healthy Living Programme has made a lasting impression. It has also stimulated ourselves to be more aware of the healthier options we can provide our customers and to promote this as a clear and positive message.

As a community based retailer we absolutely support the kind of initiative the Healthy Living Programme represents. It brings benefits for us a retailer and for our customers. We look forward to continue working closely with The Healthy Living Programme. It is a valuable and successful scheme which gets the right message across to young consumers about how to make wise choices when it comes to eating more healthily.”

Jim Carroll, Business Development Manager – Franchise, One-stop


“Since joining SPAR Scotland almost 2 years ago, I’ve worked with the team at Healthy Living Programme on a number of instore events across Scotland. The team has supported primary school visits, big breakfasts, store launches, Team GB athletes and footballing events in SPAR Scotland stores throughout 2019.

The team of representatives are always so supportive of our events and our staff in store.  Working in partnership together we’ve helped deliver the message of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle to a significant amount of children and young people in the areas in which we operate.

In addition to this we’ve supported the team with the trialling and implementation of their new Minto stands in a number of our stores.

We very much look forward to developing our partnership further with the team in 2020 and beyond.”

Paula Middleton, Marketing Manager, CJ Lang & Son Ltd/SPAR Scotland

United Wholesale Grocers Ltd

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at the Healthy Living Programme for all your support over 2019. As we are all very much aware, there is real importance of a healthy offering within the retail and convenience sector, for not just the children of our country but also our adults. At our last meeting in January, I shared with you the standards of some of the new stores that will be coming on-board over 2020 and I know that based on the communities they will serve, it would be huge advantage with the support from you and the team, to have an ongoing plan on how we can get the “Healthy Living” message across. I see a real value on what the team at the Healthy Living Programme deliver and hopefully, together we can make a difference.

Thanks again and I look forward to a continued symbiotic partnership in 2020.”

Tom Slaven, Retail Director, United Wholesale Grocers Ltd

One O’One Group

“We are at the heart of many communities, The feedback from customers and store teams is that SGF Healthy Living Programme has helped engage families, promoting initiatives like Welby banana recipes, Winter warmers soup recipe and supporting our customers in making healthier shopping choices.”

Stephen Jackson, Area Business Manager, One O’One Group


"The programme really helps to establish a much needed link between our retailers’ stores, local schools, and the wider community. We have seen first-hand the importance of driving a Healthy Living message to the children and families across Scotland and working with the Healthy Living Programme ensures that we can do this to the best of our ability. Not only does this drive the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle but allows our retailers to establish themselves as a position of trust and safety for the children this programme supports.”

Matthew Howie, Business Development Manager Scotland, Nisa

Best One & Costcutter

"The HLP is an important support vehicle to enhance our message to eat more healthily within our stores, which play a major part in our communities across Scotland. The support that the HLP provides works in conjunction with our strategies to grow fresh ranges in store and offer a higher percentage of healthy alternatives to the standard convenience offering. With our retailers heavily investing in their stores to maximise fresh and healthy options working with the HLP adds extra weight. Always at hand the HLP team really work hard to support our stores and their consumers."

Phil Knox, Regional Controller Scotland & N.Eng Best One & Costcutter
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